SQE Study Planner

Your personal planner for your SQE journey

Do the SQE better with your new SQE Study Planner – designed to make the SQE easier

  • A tracker for all the FLK blackletter law that you need to know for the SQE1 and SQE2 exams
  • A weekly study plan that you can tailor to your prep and revision, including sections for blackletter law weaknesses that you have each week
  • Incredibly useful SQE exam content, including advice on what you need to actually know to pass the SQE exams, the case law and legislation you need to know and SQE study tips
  • Full personalisation to your SQE journey, such as a Blackletter Law Index in which you can note down your blackletter law weaknesses and an MCQ Table to contain the MCQs you have come across that you found particularly difficult
  • Essential blackletter law included, such as the key provisions of the Model Articles for a private limited company and the intestacy rules

Don’t face your SQE journey alone. Get your SQE Study Planner to make your studies and revision as effective as possible.


Get through the SQE with your personal SQE Study Planner.

Your secret to help you pass the SQE1 and SQE2. 

Organise your SQE prep

Your SQE study planner can be used for both SQE1 and SQE2 to effectively prepare for your SQE exams and make sure you cover the whole of the vast assessment specifications.

The study planner contains a tracker of the FLK1 and FLK2 blackletter law principles and a full analysis of the SQE2 skills assessments. These can both be used as maps to chart your progress through the vast SQE content.

You can tailor the weekly planner to your SQE studies. You can make your own SQE study plan for your needs. The planner also contains helpful content like a blackletter law weakness box for each week which you can use to track your areas for improvement throughout your revision.

This planner has been specifically designed to help you navigate the huge SQE content and make your personal SQE journey so much easier.

Target your weaknesses

As well as allowing you to note down your blackletter law weaknesses each week, your planner also contains incredibly helpful personalised repositories for you to use as you progress on your SQE journey.

There is a Blackletter Law Index table, in which you can list all the blackletter law weaknesses or tricky bits you have come across in your studies that you want to revisit.

The MCQ table can contain MCQs you have come across that you found particularly hard and want to have another go at in the future or just want to revisit the underlying blackletter law principle behind the MCQ.

And the planner is packed full of SQE study tips and content so you can revise as effectively as possible with the planner by your side.

Packed full of helpful and essential content

This is so much more than just your personal study planner. It is also your daily reference point.

We have filled the planner with the most helpful blackletter law content for your exams. It includes a full breakdown and tracker of the FLKs and a table of all the blackletter law that you actually need to know for the SQE exams; full descriptions of each of the SQE2 assessment stations; and an unbelievably helpful analysis of how you will be assessed in your SQE exams and how you can actually pass.

It also includes actual blackletter content that you can use daily to help you revise your exams and build your blackletter law knowledge, such as the intestacy rules, the English and Welsh court system, a breakdown of the UK constitution, the FSMA decision tree, key provisions of the Model Articles for a private company and the SRA Standards and Regulations* that you need to know for the SQE exam. With this content by your side at all times, you will absorb and learn it more effectively for the exam.

Your personal study planner, for your SQE journey

This planner will be your personal friend on your SQE journey. Designed to help you tackle these incredibly difficult exams, this planner will make your SQE journey that whole lot easier.

Made with love by the team at Devil's Advocate.

*The SRA Standards and Regulations contained in the Study Planner (The SRA Principles, The SRA Code of Conduct for Solicitors, RELs and RFLs, The SRA Code of Conduct for Firms and the SRA Accounts Rules) are owned by and published under licence from the Solicitors Regulation Authority.