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Whether you are struggling to understand and retain the vast amount of the blackletter law in the SQE syllabus, finding the SQE single-best answer MCQs impossible, don’t know where to start with the SQE2, or you are just feeling completely overwhelmed by it all, Devil’s Advocate LIVE will empower you to pass your SQE exams by delivering the highest-quality SQE Live Sessions. Simple as that.

Qualified Solicitors; SQE Experts

Delivered by qualified solicitors who are expert in the SQE exams, our Live Sessions are far more than just lectures. Each Session is tailored to developing your legal knowledge and skills required to pass the SQE exam: developing your understanding of the blackletter law while also enhancing your skills in spotting the legal issues in any MCQ or assessment and applying the law to get the correct answer. Only by mastering these techniques will you pass the SQE1 and SQE2 exams and reach that required standard of a day-one solicitor.


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Devils Advocate LIVE

With a variety of different sessions to suit your needs, Devil’s Advocate LIVE will get you SQE exam-ready and give you that edge that can be the difference between a pass and a fail.

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Our LIVE Sessions – made for the SQE




Smash SQE1 MCQs with our live, interactive MCQ Sessions and ensure all the law sticks so you can deploy it in the SQE exams with our live Mindmap Sessions.

The SQE1 MCQs are deliberately tricky. They are designed to test your knowledge and legal skills to the standard of a day-one solicitor, using single best answer question methods. But what does that mean?

In each MCQ Session, we go through SQE1-style MCQs in certain SQE1 topics, such as income tax, easements, solicitors accounts and more so that you can tackle anything that comes your way. We develop your skills in applying the law to a set of facts and choosing the best answer, which is the only way to pass the SQE1 exam, while also strengthening your knowledge of the underlying blackletter law. You learn how to answer any MCQ the exam may throw at you.

In our live Mindmap Sessions, we create together a mindmap on a certain SQE topic – wills, solicitors accounts, easements – you name it! These Sessions are designed to deepen your understanding of the law as well as enhance your ability to retain the vast SQE content and apply it to a set of facts in an MCQ (or an SQE2 assessment scenario) to come up with the right solution.

Both these Sessions are free for members; use the code on your login member’s page to book tickets to these Sessions. Click on the button below to grab yourself a ticket.




Our SQE1 Exam Crash Courses get you SQE1 exam ready.

Each session covers what you need to know for the exam, focussing on the SQE1 syllabus in specific topics. You will master the SQE blackletter law content, meaning you go into the exam with the confidence to select the correct MCQ answer.

At the end of every Crash Course Session, we practice an SQE1 MCQ together in the topic we have covered, meaning you also practice applying the law you have learnt to an SQE1-style MCQ.



The only way to pass the SQE2 Exam is to know how to tackle each SQE2 assessment task.

This requires not just knowledge of the underlying blackletter law, but also the practical, legal application skills that can only be learnt with live interactive sessions.

That’s why we set up the SQE2 Exam Crash Courses – because this is the best way to pass your SQE2 Exam. In each Session we go over an SQE2 mock, just like the kind you will encounter in the exam, going over multiple potential SQE2 Exam stations and scenarios.

We cover every kind of SQE2 assessment, so you practice the kind of stuff you will be assessed in, meaning no nasty surprises.

And have you seen our podcast?

Our immensely popular SQE podcast – Terms and Conditions – discusses key SQE issues and legal content – the kind of stuff you want to hear for this exam! Listen now and stay tuned for more episodes!

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Roger Maxwell Strachan

CEO and Founder of Devil’s Advocate

Hi! My name is Roger. I set up Devil’s Advocate to help as many people pass the SQE as possible and begin their legal journeys, wherever they are from and whatever their backgrounds.

I host and run the LIVE Sessions. You will get used to my enthusiasm and energy, trust me. As a qualified solicitor and the CEO of Devil’s Advocate, I know the SQE syllabus back-to-front and, having now done literally hundreds of live SQE Sessions, you can be confident you are in good hands.

I completed my training contract at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in the City of London. I then qualified as a solicitor into Kirkland & Ellis in their Debt Finance Team. After working at K&E, I pursued my passion of helping people through this immensely tricky exam – a passion I hope to share with you!

How To Attend Devils Advocate LIVE

You can buy individual tickets to each Live Session or get a Pass for access to all the Sessions, content and recordings

You Can Buy Individual Tickets to Each Live Session…

You can buy a ticket to each of our Live Sessions. If you are a member, access to our MCQ and Mindmap Sessions are free.

After you purchase your ticket, you will receive a link which you can use to attend and gain access to the Session you have purchased. If you are a member and you want to attend our live MCQ and Mindmap Sessions, use your unique discount code on your login page to get yourself a ticket. Simply go to buy the ticket on our Box Office, and enter the code when prompted.

…Or You Can Buy a PASS for Best Value for Money

For access to ALL the Live Sessions, all the Content, Slides and Recordings, buy a Pass!

We have Passes for each of the MCQ Sessions and SQE1 and SQE2 Exam Crash Courses.

Buying a Pass gives you HUGE discounts on each of our tickets and, if you miss a Session, you can catch up on demand whenever you like by watching the recordings and looking through the Session content.

Each Pass gives you access to:

  • All the tickets for the relevant LIVE Sessions
  • Access to all the content of Sessions that have occurred, including any practice mocks and MCQs.
  • Access to all the recordings of Sessions that have occurred, available to watch on demand.

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Live MCQ and Mindmap Sessions

Master the SQE1 so you’re ready for any MCQ the exam throws at you and understand and retain blackletter law content like never before.

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm to give your SQE revision and prep the boost it needs.

Free for members – enter your unique code on your login page on the website when you go to buy a ticket.

SQE1 Exam Crash Courses

Get SQE1 exam ready with these foccussed, targeted and interactive sessions. Learn the blackletter law like never before.

SQE2 Exam Crash Courses

Practise actual exam scenarios and mocks. Each session contains an SQE2 mock that we go over live, developing your legal application skills and essential knowledge of the blackletter law. No more nasty suprises for the SQE2 exam.

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