The legal revision studio

Every SQE student’s best friend

Created by a team of English-qualified lawyers and graphic designers, Devil’s Advocate Legal Revision Studio provides you with unique, high-quality study tools you need to smash the SQE.

Full SQE1 syllabus covered

Breaks down 1 hour lectures into minutes

Thousands of practice questions

Flash cards, high-yield notes and more

Learning law made simple

The all-in-one SQE1 platform where students learn effectively and efficiently.

Question bank

Containing thousands of questions with unique assessment features.

Flash cards

Our flashcards help you consolidate the law so it sticks in your head.

High-yield notes

High-yield notes succinctly and concisely cover the SQE syllabus.

Expert animations

Bite-size, easy to understand videos make complex topics simple.

The process

We’re a legal revision studio because we do legal learning differently.


  • Our High-yield notes explain the law succinctly and are designed for quick, efficient learning.
  • Unique animation explainer videos condense 1-hour lectures into minutes of bite-size, powerful learning.


  • Our fact-burning flashcards drill the black letter law in your head so you never forget it.


  • Use our question bank to get yourself exam-ready! With thousands of questions including SQE1 style mock exams and peer-to-peer comparison, we’ll give you the confidence you need to take the SQE1.

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Get confident with Devil’s Advocate so you can focus on passing the SQE1.

Is Devil’s Advocate right for me?

If you’re planning on taking the SQE1 exam, we can help. Whether you’re self-studying or with a course provider, we have materials that no one else has because we have taken the time to craft unique learning resources. We’ re not boring teachers or professors. We are lawyers, artists, visionaries, here to help you smash (and enjoy) the SQE.

Is Devil’s Advocate expensive?

We like to think not. With expert-made study tools by qualified solicitors that demystify and break down complex SQE1 legal topics, it’s the best investment you could make.

Can I trust the material?

We are not law students or dodgy sales reps. We are lawyers (who btw work at top firms) who have teamed up with graphic designers to create something unique. We constantly review the law and make sure our content is as up to date as possible.