What you get

High-yield Notes

Devil’s Advocate’s unique high-yield notes offer clear, succinct revision-style notes in every single SQE topic, covering the whole SQE1 and SQE2 assessment specifications.

You can use them to learn the law, review information quickly at a glance or cram that info in at lightning speed when the exam gets nearer!

Crafted by our team of solicitors to be as digestible and easy-to-understand as possible and with striking tables, diagrams and examples, these notes will rnforce all the information you need for your exams.

Flashcards and Mindmaps

The only way to apply the law is to know the law.

The SQE is designed to test your understanding of the blackletter law. This means you need to actually know the legal rules, principles and legislation before you can start tackling problem scenarios and MCQs. 

Our flashcards help strengthen your legal knowledge by only testing you on the law itself – no fluff, no nonsense. Just the blackletter law principles. This improves your ability to recall the information and apply it to exam-style scenarios. In addition, every flashcard is packed full of helpful explanations, context and tips on each blackletter law principle, allowing you to see the full legal picture.

Our mindmaps are designed to enhance your understanding of the FLK topics, connecting them together so you see how it all fits in. What’s more, each mindmap is beautifully laid out to make your legal learning more manageable – essential when there is so much to cover!

Understand the blackletter law and you will pass the SQE with confidence. Use our flashcards and mindmaps to do so.

Questions, questions and more questions

The SQE1 Question Bank

A full and comprehensive question bank. Go through our thousands of MCQs and check how strong you are on the FLK modules so you can focus on your weaknesses.


Use these short, 30-question SQE1-style mock exams to check how strong you are quickly. You can also check whether you’re on track to pass by comparing your results to other users.


SQE1-style, timed mock exams for FLK1 and 2, with a full results break-down, including a score comparison with other users.

Core Question Bank

This unique question bank contains only the essential questions for the blackletter law principles that you need to get right to understand each topic.

How are we different?


We help you get through the assessment specification faster. The SQE contains an unmanageable amount of material and students struggle to get through all the law in time for exams. Our high-yield notes are easy-to-read yet detailed summaries of the FLK modules, and our animation explainers condense 1-hour lectures into less than 10 minutes.


We make the law stick. The SQE is all about learning the blackletter law: what you would need to know as a solicitor on day 1 in a law firm. We only focus on the key areas of law you need to know – no time wasting – and our flashcards and mindmaps help you consolidate that knowledge so it sticks in your head.


We’re constantly updating our material so you can be confident you are learning the right law for your exam in the most effective way possible. We are creating the legal learning and revision platform for the SQE. We’re your study companion for the SQE exams and we’ll keep creating new content to help you smash it!


Practice, practice, practice. You guessed it: you need to go over as many questions as possible, covering as many scenarios as possible, to make sure you’re exam-ready. Our question bank contains thousands of SQE1-style MCQs with unique assessment features.