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  • How to answer the SQE1 MCQs
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  • All we know about how to prep for the SQE1 exam in these unique guides
  • Organise your SQE revision like never before with our weekly planner designed for SQE1 revision
  • Complete SQE1 syllabus tracker to navigate your way through the vast SQE1 syllabus
  • Track your weaknesses with the Blackletter Law Index and MCQ Table
  • Critical blackletter law content included, including the intestacy order and key provisions of the Model Articles

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The SQE1 is extremely difficult. Don’t face it alone

Our SQE1 Study Guide is packed full of helpful information every student wishes they knew before studying for the exam. After helping over a thousand students prep for the SQE, we have put all we know about how to revise and study for the SQE1 in one handy guide.

With a full analysis and breakdown of the SQE1 syllabus, helpful study hints and tips, how to answer the SQE1 MCQs, how to make a study plan and exclusive Welsh law guidance, this is the Study Guide you need to pass the SQE1.

Organise your SQE1 revision effectively

The SQE1 syllabus is vast. With 16 legal subjects to tackle, you need to understand, retain and be able to use a huge amount of legal knowledge.

Navigating that has just got a lot easier with our SQE Study Planner.

The SQE Planner contains a unique tracker which you can use as you get through the SQE1 assessment specification. The Planner is also designed to help you target those weakness areas in your blackletter law knowledge. The Blackletter Law Index can contain those topics that need revisiting. The MCQ Table can be your repository for any MCQs you want to practise again. And the weekly planner lets you personalise and plan your SQE1 revision. Each week contains a section where you can note down what law you struggled with that week, so you can monitor and track your progress through the SQE syllabus.

The SQE Planner has been designed by the expert team at Devil’s Advocate to enhance your revision for these intensely difficult exams, making your SQE prep that bit easier. Effective SQE revision is critical. It could be the difference between a pass and a fail.

Together, an unmissable SQE1 study package

The SQE1 Study Guide contains all you need to know to effectively prepare for the SQE1 exams. With coverage of the tricky MCQs, analysis of how to actually study and learn English and Welsh law and exclusive hints and tips on what to watch out for in these exams, the SQE1 Study Guide contains our team’s knowledge on how to pass the SQE1 exam, collected over several years of helping over a thousand SQE1 students prep.

The SQE Planner is your key to navigating the vast and difficult SQE1 syllabus. Use our SQE1 syllabus tracker to make sure you cover all the SQE1 assessment specification, so there are no nasty surpises. Read through the helpful blackletter law content, including extracts of the Model Articles, to develop and strengthen your legal knowledge. Organise your SQE prep effectively with the weekly study planner, monitoring your blackletter law weaknesses leading up to the exam. And revise your vulnerable legal areas with our Blackletter Law Index and MCQ Table.

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