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  • Understand the exam with guidance on the blackletter law and the SQE1 exam testing method.
  • Know what to learn with a comprehensive syllabus breakdown and explanation of each module and topic.
  • Tackle each question with confidence with MCQ analysis and best-answer approach.
  • Absorb the law effectively with legal revision and SQE1 learning techniques.

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We have helped over a thousand candidates prep for the SQE. This Guide contains all we have learnt about how you can pass successfully.


All our knowledge on how to prepare and pass the SQE1, in one handy guide. 


Fully up to date for the July 2024 SQE1 exam


The SQE1 exam is tough. With so much to learn and so little time to learn it in, starting your SQE1 journey can seem daunting. Not anymore.

We have designed this guide to take you through every stage of your SQE1 exam to put you in the best place possible to smash your revision. Devil’s Advocate has helped over a thousand SQE students on their journey to passing the SQE and all our wisdom and knowledge collected from our vast experience has been distilled into this incredibly helpful guide.

There is no other guide like this out there. We have spent hours making this guide as useful as possible for you preparing to take this fiendishly difficult exam. Don’t start your SQE journey without it.

We have packed it with useful info, tips and pointers so you can navigate your way around the SQE1, including a full syllabus breakdown setting out what you need to know and analysis on the “blackletter law” and what it means for the exam and your career as a solicitor. You can follow this breakdown as you progress through the SQE syllabus. And the best bit? It contains the most useful tips and hints on how to navigate every part of the syllabus, from land law to solicitors accounts, so that you can accelerate your way through the vast SQE content.

This guide is not only designed to help you understand how to pass the SQE1 exam. It will also help you to save precious time so you can make your revision as efficient as possible.

We have also included guidance on how best to approach the multiple-choice style SBAQ questions, with examples to step you through the process. This includes the best-answer technique, how to approach the MCQs in your exam and how to deal with those tricky tax calculation questions. Given that this exam is entirely multiple-choice, these sections of the guide provide critical advice that could be the difference between a pass and a fail.

There is even a Welsh Law section, which talks you through and explains the Welsh law you need to know for the SQE1 exam, which is a critical part of the SQE1 syllabus.

Published by the team here at the Legal Revision Studio, you won’t want to start your SQE1 journey without it. This is all our knowledge and expertise packed into one incredibly handy guide.

The SQE Study Guide contains all you need to know to effectively prepare for the SQE1 exams. With coverage of the tricky MCQs, analysis on how to actually study and learn English and Welsh law and exclusive hints and tips on what to watch out for in these exams, the SQE1 Study Guide contains our team’s knowledge on how to pass the SQE1 exam collected over several years of helping SQE1 students pass this exam.

Don’t start your SQE1 journey without this critical guide!


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